Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Don’t hesitate to ask, or you can always call our Art on Fire coordinator, Sarah Lorenz, and 761-5250, ext. 103.

Dear art student,

On Friday, October 25, 2014, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens will hold its fifth annual Art on Fire.  This event benefits our ongoing effort to offer accessible educational programming for youth and adults throughout the Mid-South. We greatly appreciate your contribution to the Art on Fire auction and would like to further describe the program for this year.

In order to streamline the process, the Dixon will provide each participating student with a canvas, measuring 16 x 20 inches. We encourage the student to consider themes that will appeal to the Dixon’s audience and request that each submission be valued at a minimum of $100, which is the opening bid for all submitted art. If a submission receives a bid at our auction, the Dixon will provide the student with $50 in the weeks following the event.

Please have submissions ready by Wednesday, October 1st and contact Sarah Lorenz at SLorenz@dixon.org regarding delivery to the Dixon. If a submission does not sell at this year’s action, you may pick up your artwork between October 28th through November 1st. Please note that the Dixon has the right to accept and refuse any submissions, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Sarah Lorenz
Development Associate


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