Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring has sprung and much excitement is on the horizon for Akua. We have had quite a year so far and we are not slowing down anytime soon. From producing a new Akua Printshop YouTube video, hosting workshops at our Brooklyn Studio, kicking off of the Artist Demo Pilot Program and planning a New York Gallery Exhibition, we have packed in quite a bit over the past few months. 

In this newsletter, we highlight Drypoint Printmaking. If you love to draw, doodle or make marks this may be the process for you.  Drypoint involves scratching into the surface of the printing plate with tools which may be as easy to use as pens and pencils. It's "almost" that simple. You can learn how by watching our new video, "Drypoint Printmaking Up Close", where I demonstrate creating a drypoint print from start to finish. For further instructions please consider participating in a hands-on workshop at my Brooklyn Studio. 

It has been a pleasure for me to see so many printmakers doing amazing things with Akua during our search for demo artists for the Akua Demo Artist Pilot Program.
The decision was not easy to make as we were able to choose only 11 throughout the USA and Canada.  
Akua Demo Artists were selected based on their talent, Akua working knowledge, teaching and technical experience as well as the location in which they reside. The purpose of this program is to answer the needs of our retailers to hold demos at local art supply stores. Our goal is to expand the program in the future, so we would encourage anyone who is interested to stay connected for new opportunities.
We have many exciting events on the horizon and are always planning ways to build upon the strengths we have as a printmaking community. We love to hear from printmakers, so please share your ideas and consider posting your images on our Akua Facebook page.
Have a great spring, and I hope to see you at the opening of the "Pushing The Limits" exhibition at Central Booking OffLINE Gallery in New York City, May 14 - June 8. More details about the exhibition will be included in an upcoming announcement. 

Susan Rostow
Inventor of Akua Inks & Products

Drypoint Printmaking Up Close with Akua Inks
Drypoint Printmaking Up Close with Akua Inks

See up close how a drypoint plate is created and printed. Using a variety of drypoint tools, Susan Rostow, Inventor of Akua Inks, creates her image on an Akua Printmaking Plate. The image is then printed using Akua IntaglioTM Inks and Wiping Fabric. Discover how these unique tools set drypoint apart from other printmaking techniques.
Susan Rostow at Wet Paint Art Supply in St. Paul, MN

The Akua Demo Artist Program is comprised of working artists/printmakers across a rage of techniques who possess extensive knowledge of Akua Inks and products. While each of our artist's employ their own distinct styles and specific techniques in which they specialize, there is one element that remains constant-- each are able to create prints with Akua Inks, which reflect the quality and unlimited potential found within each of the products within our IntaglioTM and Liquid PigmentTM lines.

Akua Inks
Speedball Art

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daniel Smith Artists Materials

Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua Intaglio are compatible
Akua Liquid Pigment can be mixed into Akua Intaglio Inks or Transparent Base to create various new colors for intaglio or relief techniques. Akua Liquid Pigment can also be printed on top or beneath Akua Intaglio inks for multi-plate overlays.
Akua Intaglio is a water based ink made with the highest quality gum binders and light fast pigments. Wiping the plate with water based ink is quicker than oil based ink so less wiping pressure is advised. This ink does not skin and cleans up easily with soap and water.
Professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, created Akua Intaglio™ and Liquid Pigment™ Inks to deliver brilliant colors, intense blacks and unmatched working properties. At a terrific savings to the consumer, The Akua Starter Set provides artists with an economical introduction to these highly pigmented, professional quality inks and allows them to experience the unique and limitless possibilities of creating with Akua.
Akua Intaglio Water-Based Inks, 8oz cans $15.67 - $20.89
Akua Fluid Water-Based Monotype Ink, $10.25 - $15.19
Akua Printmaking Starter SetOnly $29.99

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Contact: Carrie Corbett
Director of College Communications
(901) 272-5111

August ??, 2013

Work by Maritza Davila Featured in Three Exhibitions
MEMPHIS, Tenn. – With a large number of renowned and accomplished faculty members, it is not unusual for Memphis College of Art to announce faculty exhibition participation in galleries across the country. However, for MCA’s Chair of Fine Arts and Head of Printmaking Maritza Davila, three exhibitions in rapid succession is a standout.

Currently running is Davila’s solo exhibition at the Memphis Brooks Museum, which opened on July 27 and will be on view through December 2. A special request by the Brooks, the works selected relate to Davila’s ancestry. The result is an installation of an altar, similar to one Davila’s father had in their home, using her prints to create a chapel dedicated to parents and close friends.
Davila’s (LITHOGARPHY/WOODCUT/SCREENPRINT ACCORDION STRUCTURE ARTIST BOOK)  print Bilingual is featured in the We Are You Project’s California Exhibition at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland. This traveling exhibit is the first comprehensive coast-to-coast artistic overview of the current state of Latino socio-cultural, political and economic conditions. It is comprised of prominent contemporary Hispanic masters, whose trans-cultural, pan-Latino heritages can be traced to a dozen diverse nations including Mexico, Puerto-Rico, Cuba, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Portugal. Each of these artists have experienced the distinction of being an immigrant, a refugee, a migrant, or an expatriate who gratefully found a new home or residence in the United States, a journey often fraught with risk, peril, struggle and hardship on the way to opportunity. The exhibit opened August 2 and will continue on view August 31.
Additionally, Davila will exhibit her work at the Boston Printmakers 2013 North American Biennial exhibition in Boston, MA. (Need title and description of work here TWO ARTISTS BOOKS WERE ACCEPTED) Davila’s work was one of only 139 entries accepted out of 2306 submissions. The exhibition runs from Oct. 27 though Dec. 20.