Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Summer workshops

3 Unique Workshops worth understanding 

In This Issue
Lithography for Artists
Collograph: Smart, Neat and Elegant
Platinum/Palladium reliably

These 3 workshops offer unique approaches to some of printmaking's historically most challenging processes and do it with ease, terrific results and whole new creative latitude. Please take a moment to learn a bit more about each one. You might just find yourself working in a way thought was never for you.

For a complete list of workshops click here: MAS online
Sippel Working
Jeff painting marks on waterless plate
June 30-July 4, 2014

Jeff is a world treasure when it comes to lithography. He knows all too well the labor and chemical intensive work of stone lithography which makes him the perfect advocate for the more direct and vastly simpler forms of Waterless plate lithography and Mokulito - Japanese wood plate lithography.
These are mediums for painters and monoprint artists, people who have no interest in the technical, time consuming approaches of classical stone lithography. Put simply, these approaches are a blast - quick, direct, great way to capture and express marks and make imagery. It is nothing like what you might think. The work can stand on its own or easily be incorporated in to monoprints, mixed media or used to create collage elements.
Lennox Dunbar print
Painted Intaglio Print
July 14-18, 2014

First and foremost, Lennox is just one of those rare human beings: smart, creative and a true gentleman. From the moment Lennox came to the US to show me his process I knew this guy had something special to offer. I could not believe his prints were collagraphs. Beautiful surface, articulate marks and images, rich and multicolor as if they had gone through the press 20 times. He calls them Painted Intaglio and it is a most apt term.

His processes allows plates to be reworked in many ways, have and area that is too dark you can lighten, too light you can darken, add marks, remove marks. his approach is simply captivating and unexpectedly simple.
Don with family
Too few pictures of me. What else is new?
May 26-30

New! I am announcing this a bit prematurely but it is time to let the word out. Some of you may have noticed a growing connection between MakingArtSafely and photography. I always felt these were two mediums separated at birth, but inseparable in their strong connection to works on paper. My newly developing relationship with Jon Cone along with processes like Direct-tp-Plate are allowing me to open the studio to both - photography and printmaking.

This approach to making gorgeous platinum-palladium prints makes use of Cone's newest ink set, formulated and dialed in for making negatives.There is more informatin online now and more to come.
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Thank you for having an interest in printmaking that is safer, and of lower more manageable environmental impact. Amazingly these newer approaches and materials are more highly creative and much friendly to you and your budget.


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