Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The sketchbook project

The Print Exchange 2014

500 Printmakers, 12 Prints
We invite 500 printmakers to join our annual worldwide print exchange. This years theme is "Let This Be a Sign..." Each participant will create an edition of twelve prints to submit and will receive ten unique printsmade by strangers in return! Of the two remaining, one will go into our archive at Brooklyn Art Library and the other will be used in an exhibition here in New York.
We can't wait to start sharing and swapping another round of incredible prints this year - to participate, just sign up on this page and you'll be sent the official rule card - then, get printing!
If you need any more reasons to join, check out thealbum of prints that came in from last year's project - we were blown away by the level of amazingness!

Check back soon for exhibition details

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