Saturday, January 4, 2014

Graduate school opportunity

> Dear Colleague,

> The printmaking area in the School of Art at Illinois State University 
> (ISU) is making available one full graduate assistantship beginning 
> the 2014 Fall semester. This assistantship entails a full tuition 
> waiver, a stipend for duties assigned within the area, and an 
> off-campus studio space in a cross-media community of graduate 
> students in the School of Art.

> The printmaking faculty / staff is comprised of Sarah Smelser 
> (Intaglio), Morgan Price (Lithography), Veda Rives (Associate Director 
> of Normal Editions Workshop, the printmaking research and publishing 
> facility at ISU) and Richard D. Finch (Director of Normal Editions 
> Workshop). Each of the intaglio and lithography facilities occupies 
> approximately 2,500 square feet of space with etching and processing 
> facilities, and opportunities for photomechanical and digital work. 
> The intaglio studio has five presses available, the lithography studio 
> has three presses, and Normal Editions Workshop has one press.

> The full graduate assistantship will require twenty hours of work per 
> week in the School of Art. Most printmaking graduate assistantship 
> positions focus on assignments as teaching assistants with faculty, 
> with some weekly hours assigned to assist undergraduate students 
> outside of scheduled class meetings, assist with projects at Normal 
> Editions Workshop, or complete other duties assigned by the School of 
> Art Director.

> Applications for this graduate assistantship will be accepted until 
> February 1, 2014 or until the graduate assistantship position is filled.

> To receive an application, contact Becky Fisher, School of Art, Campus 
> Box 5620, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-5620. Telephone: 
> (309) 438-2728. Email:

> Additional information is available. Please telephone us: (309) 
> 438-7530. Access information on the web at:

> (Supplemental information about admission to the graduate program in 
> MFA in Art, awards, scholarships, grants, and the Baber Graduate 
> Fellowship Grant?available competitively to graduate students who are 
> outstanding performers / studio artists in music, art, or theatre?is 
> available at this latter site.)

> Sincerely,

> The Printmaking Faculty and Staff

> Richard D. Finch Morgan Price Veda 
> Rives Sarah Smelser

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