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May Printmaking Newsletter
June 2, 2010
(oops, a little bit late)

Carborundum Collagraph

A collagraph is a platemaking process in which simple materials such as acrylic mediums, textured papers, fabrics, etc. are used to build up the surface of the plate. Silk Aquatint, Carborundumand PhotoCarborundum are considered Collagraphs. These low tech and inexpensive methods will produce rich and highly developed images with out the use of dangerous chemicals or acids.

Carborundum Collagraph Monoprint
Catherine Kernan prints a carborundum collagraph monoprint with viscosity rolls using Akua Intaglio inks.
Catherine Kernan printing a carborundum monoprint.

PLAY VIDEO 3:21 minutes

This video demo shows Catherine Kernan printing multi-registered plates on an etching press. Video demos showing Making a Carborundum Plate and Inking the Plates will be coming soon.

to using Aluminum Oxide
instead of Silicon Carbide
for Carborundum Printmaking

Carborundum is the trade name for Silicon Carbide (bluish black grit). Aluminum Oxide (brownish black grit) is recommended as an alternative. LEARN MORE

  1. Silicon Carbide is harder but it will fracture and break down quicker than Aluminum Oxide.

  2. Aluminum Oxide is rounder in grain while Silicon Carbide is sharper in grain. When wiping the ink off the surface of the plate, the jagged grain of the Silicon Carbide may tear the tarlatan leaving behind small pieces of lint on the surface of the plate. Aluminum Oxide's rounded grain offers a smoother wiping process and decreases the problem of shredded tarlatan.

  3. Aluminum Oxide is more economical. They are both available in the same grades ranging from fine to medium and coarse grits. Print results look the same.

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