Friday, June 18, 2010

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Monotype with Master Printer Ron Pokrasso
Meets Sunday July 18th, 9am-4pm
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We are so pleased to have artist Ron Pokrasso return to Fallbrook to teach this specialty workshop. If you are serious about print making you should not miss this special program. Ron has been an exhibiting artist and printmaker for more than 25 years. He received his MFA degree from Pratt Institute in 1975 and has had over 40 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group shows. His work is in public, private, and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and abroad and is represented by numerous galleries nationwide as well as being featured in several books. Spaces will book fast so register today to guarantee your spot.
Pamper & Production

Nicknamed "Pamper and Production," this very special 1-day assisted session of monotype printing is geared to give you the greatest amount of personal attention and production output. This full day session is 7 hours of work time plus a lunch break.
Included are all Akua inks, monotype plates, set up and clean up services, use of tools such as brayers, ink knives, etc. The only supplies you might consider bringing are any personal tools as well as brushes and collage material.

Assistance & Education
As a Master printer and instructor Ron can offer assistance and education at whatever level is required by the participant. It will be a total production session with some combination of learning techniques and creating finished works.
DATE: Sunday July 18th, 2010
TIME: 9am-4pm
COST: $250 plus Arches 88 paper @ $3.50 per sheet
Or call 760-728-6383 to register over the phone
Visit to learn more about Ron and his work.
Artist Statement

Ron Pokrasso

My artistic development spirals around a need to express, making new discoveries, and continually returning to familiar themes. I have always relied upon things that are close to me, things that speak about the passions in my life and are often derived from day to day experiences. The recent purchase and renovation of a new house and larger studio helped to create a kind of re-invention I had been looking for. With a refreshed energy and a synthesis of old ideas I find myself gravitating again to the figure, landscape, and various icons but with a desire to convey a level of anticipation and mystery.

I work by diving in- the passion of creating is vital. Usually there's a vague general direction, but rarely do I have a clear idea of what will happen. "If I knew where I was going, I'd be lost." Seldom do I try to portray a literal visual meaning. It is more important to allow content to come through me in the working out of a successful composition. This relationship with my art falls somewhere between taking full control and just letting things happen. The result is an exploration of balance between frenzied paint scribbling and the tight rendering of a figure; between the regularity of black and white lettering and a multi-colored paint palette. I like to juxtapose seemingly unrelated or competing elements to create visual and technical contrast. I have a conversation with the piece as it unfolds. As the work takes on its own personality, it lets me know where it needs to go and I attempt to get it there.
The work is complete when it stops asking for more.
Ron Pokrasso, December, 2008

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