Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Solutions for screenprinting ink problems

There are times when printing w/acrylic inks that they build up on the paper and become plasticly & tacky. 

The way I've avoided this in most instances is to start w/Lyntex base in for all inks and they seem to trap into the paper better w/a nice matte finish.

The problem seems to arise more when overprinting opaque colors that have white or back in them. This is a far cry from the flat finish one could get from solvent based inks. It's as if Hunt Speedball overprint varnish was used and the surface behaves like bad acrylic paint. 

We use Hunt Speedball Acrylic inks in combination w/Lyntex and Createx peigments to move hue. Inks are modified w/isopropyl alcohol or deionized water and glycerine us used as a retarder.

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.
Jeff Sherven
Instructional Support Print Media
Visual Studies, Univ @ Buffalo, B44

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